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First contribution...

Title: Only the Music (written to the Heather Alexander tune)
Fandom: World of Darkness/Original
Rating: G
Word count: 101
Disclaimer: None really. Both characters are mine and no elements of the world are present.
Notes: Sometimes a three-pages scene works better as a 101-words drabble, you know?


Formal evenings were always a cruel joke. "I look like an idiot in that tux" and "neither of us can dance, you know". The chandeliers blinded him, damn slippery floor, and as he walked towards her on the dance floor he felt his heart trying to explode and...

God - she's so beautiful.

Her hands are soft; he can smell her hair as she puts her head on his shoulder. There's that gentle swishing-swash of her dress on the floor, and she closes her eyes. Without warning, they're dancing. He can't dance, you know...

Let the evening last. Just an hour longer.

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