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lisa roquin

Sniffles-pg-Stargate: Atlantis

title: Sniffles
author: lisa roquin
rating: pg
fandom: Stargate Atlantis
pairing/characters: Sheppard, McKay, Beckett
disclaimer: not mine. no harm intended no money made. just having fun.
spoilers: slight for "Childhood's End"
challenge: challenge100's An Apple A Day
wordcount: 101

"Oh for God's sake, you're not dying!"

"You don't know that! I could have some strange alien virus and...aaaachooo! dead in a week!"

"Rodney, you ain't dying. You have a cold!" Sheppard rolled his eyes at the theatrical nose blowing and fake-sounding coughs that answered that comment.

"It could turn into pnuemonia, I'm probably contagious."


"I think it's allergies." Carson shrugged. "Been sniffing dust lately Rodney?"

Sheppard smirked. "He's scared Keras is gonna bring those two kids along."

"I am n-aaahhchoo!--not!"

"Are too!"

"Then shut up and let's go already, or are you a baby that can't handle sniffles?"
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