Challenge 100 - Multi-Fandom Drabbles

Drabble Challenge
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This is an all-fandom drabble challenge. There are many wonderful drabble communities out there, but most of them are fandom-centric, and are therefore already restrictive.

After a successful multi-fandom drabble challenge in my personal LJ, I decided, "Why not make this a community?" So here it is. I'm your community mod and archivist, whisperwords.

Here's the important stuff for you all to know:
1: All the challenges here will be issued weekly on Tuesdays. The challenges will be simple challenges without bells or whistles, and they will be general-type challenges so that an author from any fandom can write a response.
2: Since there are multiple fandoms here, be aware that many of the drabbles may contain spoilers for that particular fandom.
3: I want this community to be one that is not only a place to post drabbles, but also a place that you can get constructive criticism and recognition for your work. If you post drabbles here, please also try to take some time and read/review other drabbles as well.
4: A drabble is, by definition, 100 words. Try your damnedest to get to 100 words exactly. Posting a 98-word or a 102-word somethingorother isn't drabbling, it's near-drabbling. Edit! Work hard! The entire point of drabbling is to challenge yourself to somehow make your work 100 words exactly. If you need more room, write two! Write a series of drabbles! But the most important, the most key thing here, is the 100 word limit.

Subject Headers
Please write the title, rating, and fandom of your drabble in the subject header of your entry, like this:

Title - PG - Fandom

If you have more than one, divide them with a forward slash (/):

Title - PG - Fandom / Title - R - Fandom

Please do this - it will make archiving much simpler!

Regarding LJ-Cuts:
1: Since drabbles are, by definition, 100 words, they are short enough that I am asking that you please do not lj-cut them UNLESS:
a. The drabble is adult in nature and requires a rating of NC-17.
b. You are posting more than one drabble.

Posting Format:
When you are posting, please be sure to include a Title, a rating, and the fandom that you are writing in. Here is an example of a generic posting header.


You may add/subtract from this format as much as you like, just be sure to keep the Title, Rating, and Fandom in there.

Who can post, and what can they post?
Anyone that has joined the community can post drabbles, but only the community moderator can post challenges. Only post drabbles; any other types of posts will be deleted.

This Post Is The Current FAQ. Please Read it as well, as it is considered part of the rules and anything within it you will be expected to know!

The Archives are separated into three categories. You can search by fandom, by author, or by challenge number.